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The breath is what leads to the increased awareness in a yoga practice. This is what differentiaties yoga from other forms of exercise: it is an excercise of the mind and body. Yoga goes beyond the physical. So what does this mean for the temperature of a practice?

Welcome to the land of slippers and palm trees. The haven to which northern snowbirds migrate when the weather dips below freezing. Sit by the pool, book in hand or grab a juice and spin (yes, spin, SoulCycle opens on Friday!) your way to some banana leaf-inspired home furnishings and RTW pieces from the new Kirna Zabete. It is like New York, but with palm trees!

Did you feel out of balance this weekend? Like something has been stirring up deep inside of you?

It is the full supermoon! It is summoning you. Embrace this feeling of unsettledness; you are mounting to new heights. Saggitarious (like ALB!) or not, this moon has a purpose.

November 2017 Playlist

Do what you need to do to find the sunshine. That is where you will find the MAGIC. Start with this playlist; it will inspire you to look up the light. Tap your toes to the [most famous] song about the Sun, and get up and dance to new MGMT and Boys II Men!

Rest // Do Less and Live More

Life is not just about being successful; it is about being on an unwavering journey of understanding yourself. To define and give yourself your best life possible. Love the life you live, right? That is a more authentic definition of success.

So much of this has to do with rest. Rest is often seen as a sign of weakness and, dare I say it, laziness and a laissez-fare associated with being disinterested.

What if you considered it all from a different perspective. Rest is the antidote to that overburdened definition of success.

The Art of Burning a Candle

Candles are lovely to burn for yourself, for your space, and for others. They exude a sense of serenity and a delectable scent. However, enjoying them is not as simple as merely lighting and extinguising. Like any delicacy, candles should be cared for to allow them to perfom to their potential.