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The breath is what leads to the increased awareness in a yoga practice. This is what differentiaties yoga from other forms of exercise: it is an excercise of the mind and body. Yoga goes beyond the physical. So what does this mean for the temperature of a practice?

Now that the holidays are over, the real rawness of winter has set it. The frigid temperatures and short days make it easy to feel dreary, stuck, depressed, unmotivated, the list goes on. Do not fret, winter is actually a great time of year!

Did you feel out of balance this weekend? Like something has been stirring up deep inside of you?

It is the full supermoon! It is summoning you. Embrace this feeling of unsettledness; you are mounting to new heights. Saggitarious (like ALB!) or not, this moon has a purpose.

Rest // Do Less and Live More

Life is not just about being successful; it is about being on an unwavering journey of understanding yourself. To define and give yourself your best life possible. Love the life you live, right? That is a more authentic definition of success.

So much of this has to do with rest. Rest is often seen as a sign of weakness and, dare I say it, laziness and a laissez-fare associated with being disinterested.

What if you considered it all from a different perspective. Rest is the antidote to that overburdened definition of success.

Chemical versus Mineral Sunscreens // Summer Essentials

In recent years, as ingredients in the beauty industry (well, in everything, really) are becoming crucial to a product’s toxicity, the type of sunscreen you use is important. Mineral sunscreens — think the white noses sported by lifeguards and swim coaches — should be your new go-to. They are made with active ingredients of zinc or titanium dioxide, which physically block UVA and UVB rays (making them broad-spectrum). Chemical sunscreens, like the sprays and crèmes we have been rubbing on ourselves and our children for years, “actually absorb the sun’s rays — which is about as terrifying as it sounds,” iterates Goop.

Listen to you body. It is a naturally functioning structure that works on it own. Do you need to tell yourself to breathe or to make your heart beat? As healthy humans, our body knows what it needs and what to do.