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Conspicuously Falling for Fashion

The strong, bold, powerful parka, the statement pair of specs, or the hot pink and glitter mules. Go as soft or as loud as you like. As soon as you slip into your magic realm, grace yourself with your superpowers: stand proud and feel unstoppably confident.

Seasonal Whites

There is something about the color white that leads your senses to paradise. The smell of salt, the feeling of the late-afternoon sun, the sound of the waves. Late nights, rambunctious laughter, and unforgettable fêtes.

The Woman You Want to Be // MILLENNIAL by Carolina Cordón-Bouzán

Carolina Cordon Bouzan, the founder of MILLENNIAL, is not your average fashion industry twenty-something year old, nor is she an Upper East Side little blonde princess. She is a native Catalan and New Yorker; the dichotomy of which is evident in her fashion-forward designs. Carolina is a risk taker who created a life she loves. I do not know how else to say it, but love the life you live.