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The Gratitude of Giving

The Gratitude of Giving

    Helping others. You do it all the time, right? How often to you do it with heart and intention? Indulge in the gratitude of giving.

    I grew up attending a school that required its Upper School girls (#girlbosses) to dedicate 25 hours annually to community service. I would spend my hours doling out food items from pantries, instructing underprivileged children tennis, and teaching immigrants English in Italy.

    Dedicating your time to helping those in your community reinforces its value.

    How does your help impact those whom it touches? Simple or time-investing, it all counts. This is comparable to the families who receive your Thanksgiving feast donations — who would not have been able to have a family meal without your aid — to the children whom you tutor, who now excel at their SATs and go to college. It all counts.

    I have recently been involved in a community very dear to my heart. This is not a community which lacks — it is prosperously flourishing and rich — but the outer hands it receives are just as paramount. Truthfully, anything you do to further others makes a difference. When you spend time helping people, you establish a system of trust. They trust you in response to the time, faith, and elements you invest in them. Wow. How fulfilling. You make a difference in others’ lives, and, in turn, feel the spark that is your impact. It is from experiences like these from which you grow. You grow simultaneously with those whom you help, albeit in different ways.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
— Audrey Hepburn.
Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

    Pay it forward. Pay for lunch for the person behind you in line. Or, like Millennial founder, Carolina Cordón-Bouzán, bring coffee to your production team. Something as simple as this, or even sending flowers to your mother or friend, can brighten someone’s day.

    Your goal is not to receive, but to give. And it is through this giving that you receive. In ways and feelings that are inconceivable until you truly feel it. (I sound like I am citing the Bible, right? It is just thoughtful thinking).

    Be a mentor, spend your time with friends, their children, family members. Give of yourself. It can be anyone and any situation. It is about giving to make a difference. Fill the world with love, compassion, and light. If it feels good, get involved.

    You can be the change. You can help people fall in love with the way they are living. And, in turn, you will too.


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