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Friday finds, Volume X (March/31/2017)

Friday finds, Volume X (March/31/2017)

    TGIF! Whether this week has graced you with a beautiful hint of spring or has cast a dark dreariness, similar to that of Scandal's Abby Whelan — do not worry, no spoilers here! — you have made it to the weekend! Cheers to April!

    What is your best April Fools’ Day joke? Has anyone gotten you good?! ALB was never a prankster, but she definitely guiled people into having their legs pulled!

    While, of course, April showers bring May flowers, there is a lot to look forward to. The lengthier spring evenings will soon lead to summer; before we know it, the sun will be sparkling and we will be frolicking through the Mediterranean and Agean Seas. Savor every moment in between, for something as sweet as your favorite gelato flavor can arise every day!

100 Years of Nails. // Very rad!

Millennial pink, it is a thing. // Lighter than Barbie pink, but darker than Essie's Mademoiselle.

The stigma around being single is more of a juxtaposition between being single and being lonely. // It all has to do with your sense of self. Regardless of your age, spending time with yourself — albeit not feeling alone — is a gift. Being in a relationship can often feel more isolating than being single; it is up to you.

One of SoulCycle’s finest. // Stacey Griffith, the unicorn who does it all. (And have a gander at her sneaker collection!)

Energy. Some people feel it, others do not. Have you been with someone who just emanates an “ugh” feeling? Bad juju? Negative energy? See, you feel it, too. // Palo santo, saging, and other energy detoxifiers.

There is a wine culture, yes. // And one for its glasses, too. Coups, stems, flutes, Bordeaux; a glass for every grape.

The 35 countries with the highest cost of living. Image via The Economist.

The 35 countries with the highest cost of living. Image via The Economist.

New York and London are often considered to have the most elevated cost of living. // However, there is more than meets the eye. Alter your perspective.

Gucci Hub in Milano. // Gucci has not only successfully conquered the fashion industry, but is about to put a dent into that of music, as well!

Anxiety is a good thing, it keeps us motivated and on our toes. // Although sometimes it can cause our brain to go into overdrive, it makes us stronger.



ALB has spoken about foam rolling before. // But will the headline “Fat-Flushing Workout” entice you to actually do it?

John Mayer is back. // As a new bad bad boy.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


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