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Eleven Lessons

11 lessons I have learned in my first year of The ALB Standard:

One // Life does not always go as planned: while this may, at first, be a devastating truth, life works out the way it is supposed to. A burden may very well be a blessing.

Two // Take your time. Pace yourself. Look within. Understand what is going on inside of you. Be honest. It is you against you.

Three // Listen to your body. But really, listen.

Four // Spend time outside. This changes everything. Going for a run in the rain is one of the most freeing feelings.

Five // Get rid of T O X I C; people, habits, and emotions.

Six // Love. And once you realize what — the people, the attitudes, the emotions, and the tendencies — makes you feel loved, love them back. You do not give to receive; you give to give. This giving is what you receive. It just feels so good.

Seven // Set goals. Do what you need to do to achieve them. At first, you will be excited, then you will think they are unattainable. Soon enough, you will reach them and you will feel accomplished. Reward yourself by aspiring for more.

Eight // Stay open. When you close off, you deny opportunity in all shapes and forms. You make yourself unavailable; you are no longer interested. Why surrender? Welcome it all.

Nine // Explore. The near and the far. What you know and what is novel.

Ten // Step into places you have previously judged or for which you have antipathy. You may discover you still have an aversion to them, but at least you gave yourself a chance. Most importantly, you gave them an opportunity. Why judge if you have no personal experience on which to base your feelings?

Eleven // Be you. Continue discovering what makes you feel your best and dive unapologetically into it.

Make an entrance so that everyone knows you are there. Be confident.

Make an entrance so that everyone knows you are there. Be confident.

Thank you for your support and inspiration, not just in the past year, but since ever. I strive to continue inspiring you to feel your best every day. You just wait and see, the best is yet to come!



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