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Friday finds, volume IV (Jan/06/2017)

Friday finds, volume IV (Jan/06/2017)

Yoga is a state of needing nothing. I joked to someone, ‘If I keep doing this, I’ll lose all my money.’ But I didn’t. I evolved into a different person, someone who comes from a calm, clear, quiet place. When the mind is busy, you get sick and sad. But go from cloudy to clarity, and happiness sets in.
— Russell Simmons

Rough first week back at work? // Rebound here.

“Our thoughts are responsible for every choice we make, everything we create or destroy,” Kristi Ling said. // Change your perspective to change how you feel

Have I already mentioned epsom salt baths? // Magnesium is the new apple a day.

Russell Simmons in the hot new yogi in town (and has been since 1994). // Namaste.

Russell Simmons meditating on the beach. Image via Success Story Nework.

Russell Simmons meditating on the beach. Image via Success Story Nework.

Can Fred Segal do it again? // A new WeHo location opening next fall can revolutionize the luxury fashion industry…again

Monoglots versus polyglots. // The upper hand of conducting your everyday life in your non-native language.

Pity those struggling in a second language—but also spare a thought for those many monoglots who have no way of knowing what they are missing.
— Johnson, The Economist.

Yes, you may have just returned from a lovely winter vacation. // But it is time to book another getaway.

The Shoes of NYC. // Carrie Bradshaw approved.

Cross-culturing of the world. // Move over, Marie Kondo, Hygge is in town.

What is the best way to cover up those under eye circles, blemishes, and redness? // Concealer FTW.

There is a new pink CFDA Fashion Calendar in town. Pink like the original published by the founder, Ruth Finley, for 69 years. // Always be in the loop.



Header image, the infamous Fred Segal on Melrose. Image via Seeing Stars.
Shoe images via Shoes of NYC.
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