Chemical versus Mineral Sunscreens // Summer Essentials

In recent years, as ingredients in the beauty industry (well, in everything, really) are becoming crucial to a product’s toxicity, the type of sunscreen you use is important. Mineral sunscreens — think the white noses sported by lifeguards and swim coaches — should be your new go-to. They are made with active ingredients of zinc or titanium dioxide, which physically block UVA and UVB rays (making them broad-spectrum). Chemical sunscreens, like the sprays and crèmes we have been rubbing on ourselves and our children for years, “actually absorb the sun’s rays — which is about as terrifying as it sounds,” iterates Goop.

Seasonal Whites

There is something about the color white that leads your senses to paradise. The smell of salt, the feeling of the late-afternoon sun, the sound of the waves. Late nights, rambunctious laughter, and unforgettable fêtes.

Listen to you body. It is a naturally functioning structure that works on it own. Do you need to tell yourself to breathe or to make your heart beat? As healthy humans, our body knows what it needs and what to do.

The Art of Burning a Candle

Candles are lovely to burn for yourself, for your space, and for others. They exude a sense of serenity and a delectable scent. However, enjoying them is not as simple as merely lighting and extinguising. Like any delicacy, candles should be cared for to allow them to perfom to their potential.

April 2017 Playlist

Fresh from Ultra (what did you think of Axwell /\ Ingrosso's intro!?) and an OC binge, April's playlist definatley feels the tropical Miami and Cali vibe.